Pastor John’s Page

On this page you can type whatever you want. You can change the font and font size. You can change the text color. But, keep in mind the web page background is black. Any black text you type on this editor page appears white on the web page.

The editing icons above give you many choices when composing on this page.  If you know HTML editing language, you can make changes to this page by clicking the Text tab above and directly add in any HTML commands.

You can insert images, resize them and place text around them. I typically add images that include text by creating them in MSPublisher and then saving them out as a .jpg then, uploading them to the web page media library and then, finally inserting them into the this page.

You can also insert mp3s.  However, all music unless you are the song writer must be either in the Public Domain or cleared through CCLI licensing which Mt. Zwingli subscribes too.

Don’t forget to click on the update icon to save your work.  Also you can see what your work looks like on published web page without leaving this editor by clicking on the above Preview Changes icon.

This is your page. You can add whatever you want. The only limit is WordPress may not allow you to upload large size (lots of megabytes) images or MP3s.  Large images typically need to be shrunk (less megabytes) with a image editor.  .wav files need to be converted to mp3.  Large mp3’s (> 2 megabytes) typically needed to uploaded with FTP transfer software.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.  ( Just kidding.) but you will need to erase all I have written so you have a clean slate to start on your own.

Jim Bloss